A CHeruB (lostcherub) wrote in theinnocent,
A CHeruB


The nights grew longer and longer. David sunk farther and farther into solitude. The pain in his chest larger with every day to Sulk by. An ever lasting cloud of misery growing over his head. The summer's nights grew long. The earth almost sinking into blackness with him. An on going string of pain. Like an I.V. line straight to his core.

David saw the horrid climax to his agony all too well. Another birthday gliding closer to corruption than ever. One more day for everyone else to forget. Everyone else to ignore. Especial Micheal. The only person to drag Davids emotions through hellfire and brim stone.

Each night consisted of bloodfilled tears. Pain leaking out across his pillows leaving salty stains. Reminders that life can always hurt more than death. Each moring another admittance that he has to move on. Stand up again and keep walking. Though his destination is clouded by misconception. His path manipulated by should haves and Wish I hadn't's.

On the finaly morning. The eve of his birthday. David woke up. He stepped out his front door to another bitterly sunshiny day. Find a small package on his step. Tiny. Wrapped with a bow. Inside was a note. Reading: I Love You.

That night David climbed to the eave of his house. Looking at the thousands of stars above him. He held the note and tiny box in one hand. Stretched his arms out like a bird and leaned forward.

On his way down David knew his life ended in perfection.
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