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theinnocent's Journal

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The Screaming Children
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Two versions,
same tale.

Two authors,
same story.

remembering and predicting,
this is our fairytale.


a million words
the mumble/jumble,
buzzing of a trillian ways to
explain it - put it into
vivid imagery.
but when the noise fades,
and everything breaks away
to leave me with you.
a million words
breaks down into
3 distinct notes
3 syllables
that could never be saturated/
never overdone.

i love you.

This is a work in progress. A rough draft. Please, Comment. Give us advice, ask questions. We need to know what you , as the reader, feels needs to be fixed or tweaked. Also this story reads from the bottom of the page to the top. So if you read it the other way, go back and read it again from the bottom. I'm sure this time it will make more sense.

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